Connecting With My Spirit In Nature...
a few steps from my journey

​ Walking My Path With Flowers, Alaska & Essences  

 1. When I was very small I was playing with a handful of violets when I felt with my awareness divine consciousness connecting me with the flowers; it was a flow of love. 

2. Years later while I was still a child, I felt extraordinarily lonely one day, it hurt more than I could endure. On that spring day, when I went outside to play in the pasture 

SSK LM signature photo.jpg

where my horses were grazing, something unexpected happened. It was a bit like, "Alice in Wonderland going through the looking glass", because I went through to the other side of that loneliness where I found mySelf, and from that moment on, I felt connected within ~ the loneliness was gone.

3. I chose nature; a relationship that was always there for me, never letting me down in any way. During my teen years, my family life was pretty difficult. It was the 70's and as a teen, I was courting mind-altering substances, while Spirit in Nature was courting me! It wasn't long before I understood that the substances would always let me down, right back into the same emotional pain I had tried to escape from.     


~ Nature, on the other hand, constantly held me in an embrace of divine consciousness
that allowed me to expand into deep silence & limitless possibilities. ~  

4. In my mid-teens I was climbing mountains. One summer night I was with a group of mountaineers on a snowfield under a star-filled sky; collectively, we were inspired to sing. I remember singing from the depths of my heart and soul. I was reaching into the source of creation with my voice bonding myself with Spirit in Nature.

5. I felt a calling to make flower essences, to spend time listening to the silence. I grew to trust the wisdom that I received when I opened my awareness to the silent whispers of nature's intelligence.


6. And then one day I heard the call to make the Dancing Light Orchid Essences. They act as  Nature's compassionate guides to assist us with navigating our challenges and elevating ourselves in this life journey.

For me, nature,  flowers, and the essences are portals through which I follow subtle energies from the physical into the formless in order to explore limitless depths within; it is simply following the energies, allowing, not thinking, just being, just allowing what is and being with 'what is', effortlessly ~ this is a possibility with nature, essences, and the nature of myself.


The opportunity is always there, it is not waiting, it just is. I call it Grace.

It is my calling to share Spirit in Nature & Essences with you when you are ready.