Escape your ego’s illusions of self ~ that is little ego. Recognize that True Self dwells in your human form, yet is much greater. Ego is not left behind it is brought along on the journey of the soul.

Unveiling Self expresses new dimensions; years ago I learned from the essence that my ego needed to bow (or step aside to assist) to my higher Self. This essence comforted me greatly as it energetically felt like it was a loving friend walking with an arm around me reassuring me that while I evolved, my ego would not be destroyed but brought along in the evolution.


This essence has been a powerful ally as I progress spiritually, yes, this ego still freaks out thinking it will be annihilated as my human self transforms, but, Unveiling Self has a powerful settling affect wherein this human ego can once again feel at ease, surrender to the flow of creation, while adjusting to the spiritual transformation process.


It allows the ego/intellect to gracefully relax, allowing it to step aside, so as to not obstruct the flow within.