(Wooly Plantain) An orchid imitator - Many orchids imitate their insect pollinators, some flowers look like orchids. Your pure essence may seem as if it were a tiny, quiet part of you that may be nearly unnoticed amidst the loud, bold things that draw and catch your outwardly focused attention. In truth pure essence is infinitely vast, may be noticed and felt in every moment. Purity is the flow of creation expressing itself through you without any hindrance. Look for it - it is always there within you.


You and your purity are One. This essence supports your ability to feel it. Your essential being is pure; you cannot loose your purity but you can loose touch with the sense of purity within yourself. Let the essence help you shift from the agendas of the mind and the loco-motions of the emotions. Chances are you have already befriended your purity and you just need a reminder that you can tap into it immediately at any time.