This essence embodies the immanent patterns of the creative process. Intentions manifest gradually at first as they move through the ethers to where you can notice their etherial presence and then their subtle form. At some point, one’s intention is crystallized into physicality. Enhances the creative process.


As we evolve, surrender to the flow of creation we have less attachment to our personal “i” which means we go with the flow of creation, the mind of the omnitelligence flows through as our intelligence. Our ability to participate in manifestation is more potent and considers the whole rather than personal gain. As we evolve we find ourselves opening while instructing intellect/ego to step aside to assist the flow, our mind is then in tune with the whole mind, thoughts come through the mind as flow. We participate in manifesting that which creation desires to create through us and we get to enjoy how wonderful it feels to play with, and to allow ourselves to be played by creation. Imagine being a musical instrument played by a masterful musician who is so skilled, so in tune with every nuance of not only the instrument, but the music, and the breath flowing through it; the music produced by such a master with a finely tuned instrument creates sound so lovely that as it resounds throughout creation all are filled with exquisite bliss.


Imagine the exhilaration of allowing oneself to be such an instrument of the divine. Manifesting Thought Forms essence facilitates just such a way of living at higher levels than individual desires. Let this essence lead you to be just such an instrument, so that which manifests through you is borne of divine will.