Assists with the process of full incarnation, bright with the light of spirit being ... a new way of experiencing your spirit-body relationship. Imagine your body full of tiny spaces so the light within you shines outwardly like the sun's rays shining through clouds. The source is the sublime within.


As you expand, getting to know your essential Self, the body and mind are assisted with this essence. Expansion and realizing Self bit by bit are a natural process, yet the body and mind can prove to be somewhat slow in their morphogenesis. Expansiveness Embodiment is very freeing.


Spirit does not live caged inside the body and mind, it is the limited intellect that prevents you from having full awareness of how vast you are even while inhabiting a body and using this mind. This essence can assist you in not only feeling the expansiveness of your embodiment, but also with opening your awareness to the spaces between all the particles of your body and of the spaces between your thoughts. It is here in the gap between thoughts where you can feel the energy of the flow of Self.