The Dancing Light Orchid Essences beckon us to flow with them into the subtle layers of creation within ourselves. Each essence is a conscious facet of the vastness of creation; with any given essence energy, if followed into the subtle, it could lead one into the infinite awareness within one’s Self. Ultimately, essences are our traveling companions for the inward journey beyond the limitations of the ego and intellect and fully into ourSelves.


Each set is made up of carefully chosen essences, to increase the natural healing and flow.

This set contains the following essences:


Sacred Sphere


This essence creates a subtle energetic sphere that one can “be“ within, while you engage in your daily activities; It helps you maintain your personal clarity.


Meditative Mind


How do I learn how to meditate? A quiet mind is like an unusual day of flat calm on the sea, no waves, just glassy smooth water. A quiet mind is a mirror of Self. This essence assists you in diving into the deeper levels of the mind to explore self/Self in deeper meditative states, where the true treasures of life reside.


Clearing Energy Fields


Offers energetic support to look within and release. Clears the energies when one feels ready to release, and transform.


Lotus Petals Of The Heart


This essence helps you open to live life from your heart so you can feel your life more fully; know boundless joy and possibilities that are not limited by the constraints of mind centered being.


Light Hearted~ Heart Light


This essence supports your emotional body during difficult times so you can avoid falling into the depths of pain and despair, and face your experiences with hope and inner strength.


Softening The Edges


For those who handle delicate situations, precious young creatures and objects to help you have the gentlest of touches.


Use this essence if you notice the edges of your personality have become sharp or hardened in reaction to disappointing or painful life experiences. It can help you to release and discard any harsh behaviors that cause yourself and others pain.


Expanding Awareness


This essence creates a wiggle where there is a tiny opening; it wiggles and keeps wiggling, creating an expanding gap, a space for your awareness to expand. You may feel a quickening as this process gains momentum.


In the emptiness of the un-manifest, the infinite, we have all the space we need to expand in every way, in all the facets of our beings. With expansion comes the illumination of things once hidden in shadow where we are confronted with our crystallized emotions and stuck energies as the shadows become illuminated; this is our opportunity to become aware, then release, this is a natural cycle of Expanding Awareness.


This essence is a great support in helping us to allow, or to not resist this natural process of awakening. This is the flow of Expanding Awareness: elevation, expansion, illumination, awareness, release which is surrendering things to the flow (or resist, ouch!) feeling authentic Self and then the cycle repeats itself if we don’t resist. As we open to deeper relationship with Self we become familiar with this cycle of necessary clearing.


This essence facilitates going with the flow.


Only the 7.5 ml bottles sizes currently come as boxed sets of 7 each