Happy Pet is gentle support for animals, large or small, to assist with emergencies, shock, trauma, family dynamics that impact your pet, fear, injuries, trips to the vet, pregnancy and birth, sickness, loss, death, grieving, sadness, recovery from abuse, wild animal rescue and rehabilitation and other transitions.


Happy Pet is a blend of Alaska’s Elements, Rainbow Mountain Tundra Flowers, Arnica, Essence of the Angels; (7 Sister Moon Flower Essences) Women’s Healing Lodge; (DLOE) Devic Awareness, Clearing Energy Fields, Defining Edges, I Like Being Me, Idiot Glee, Lucid Dreaming, Heart Wings, and Radiant Strength essences.


Use Happy Pet:


• For shock or trauma; use immediately while you apply first aid or call for help.


• Happy Pet is Gentle Support for Animals Large and Small.


• Use Happy Pet as would would in any situation where you would use a rescue type remedy.


• Keep a few bottles of Happy Pet on hand as the unexpected is bound to take place.


• Pregnancy, birth sickness, death, sadness, recovery from abuse, wild animal rescue and rehabilitation, and other transitions.


• Happy Pet can offer extra support when there is resistance about trips to the vet.


• Administer mist or drops every few minutes as necessary. (drops can be added to your pet’s food or water)


• When you bring home a new pet it will help them relax and adjust to new people and places.


• You can mist the areas where your pet will sleep and play.