This essence creates a wiggle where there is a tiny opening; it wiggles and keeps wiggling, creating an expanding gap, a space for your awareness to expand. You may feel a quickening as this process gains momentum.


In the emptiness of the un-manifest, the infinite, we have all the space we need to expand in every way, in all the facets of our beings. With expansion comes the illumination of things once hidden in shadow where we are confronted with our crystallized emotions and stuck energies as the shadows become illuminated; this is our opportunity to become aware, then release, this is a natural cycle of Expanding Awareness.


This essence is a great support in helping us to allow, or to not resist this natural process of awakening. This is the flow of Expanding Awareness: elevation, expansion, illumination, awareness, release which is surrendering things to the flow (or resist, ouch!) feeling authentic Self and then the cycle repeats itself if we don’t resist. As we open to deeper relationship with Self we become familiar with this cycle of necessary clearing.


This essence facilitates going with the flow.