Connect With Your Spirit In Nature
Your Personal Retreat

Do you wish that you could just get away to be in nature, but you don't know where to go?

What if you could set up your tent in the forest near a waterfall, swim, take an outdoor shower, eat fresh organic veggies from a garden and take walks in the forest and learn a simple way to restore the flow of life force through your body, mind and spirit... would you?


Would you take a few days, a week or maybe longer to reconnect with yourself, with your spirit, with nature?


Imagine being lulled to sleep at night by a tranquil symphony of water crashing and splashing, falling over  the rocks while finding its way downhill while rushing toward the sea.



Imagine leisurely mornings with bird songs greeting the coming of the day while you lay snug in your bag.


This is your time to just be with yourself in nature.